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Paul Pena
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"Rare and Wonderful! Three and 1/2 stars."

"Three and 1/2 stars."
--Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

"An enchanting documentary on a magnificent obsession - a more improbable and endearing yarn can't be imagined!"
--Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Three and 1/2 stars! Wonderous. A riviting, uplifting documentary!"
--Jack Mathews, New York Daily News

"Utterly irresistable!"
--New Times LA

"Three and 1/2 stars! Profoundly moving - highly entertaining"
-- NY Post

"Three and 1/2 stars. Has to rank as Oscar material!"
-- Marshall Fine, Journal News

"An awesome journey into parts of the world where you will find only the most intrepid of travelers."
--Gus Van Sant

"An extraordinary guitarist, and a great singer ... a bit like Hendrix. [Paul Pena] was hellacious on guitar."
--Bonnie Raitt

"bear hug of a documentary ...a heartfelt film"
--Lisa Schwartzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

-John Bernstein, Detour Magazine

"Genghis Blues is a testament to the transformative powers of music"
--Shari Frilot, Sundance



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