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GENGHIS BLUES will be available from DOCURAMA on home video and DVD DECEMBER 5, 2000 at a video store near you, on your favorite e-commerce site or call 1 800 314-8822 to order. Or, visit DOCURAMA at

Everyone involved with this film is very excited that GENGHIS BLUES is coming out on Video and DVD in America. You will be able buy and rent the Video and DVD across the United States.

*If you are interested in helping the filmmakers out more directly (get out of debt), you can purchase the Video and DVD at the Tuva Trader website.

Please pass-on the word... Thank you for your continued support of this project.

*The DVD will contain extra concert footage, music and an interview with the filmmakers, Roko and Adrian Belic.

For more information concerning home video and/or DVD purchases Call Caitlin Cassaro at (212) 206-8600 x-274

Also, if you want to be notified when Genghis Blues will be on TV please leave your contact information as well.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support.

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