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Genghis Blues Press Kit

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The Filmmakers - Photograph: Don Parris.

Adrian Belic is on the left, Roko Belic is on the right.
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23.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Left to Right: Paul Pena, Kongar-ol Ondar
Paul Pena and Kongarol Ondar walking triumphantly together outside the Tuvan National Theater shortly after the awards ceremony where Paul Pena wins first prize in the Kargara style and the Audience Favorite Award. Kyzyl, Tuva.


26.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Some of the Tuvan Throatsinging contestants outside the National Theater during the opening celebration and ceremonies of the World Throatsinging Competition and Festival. Kyzyl, Tuva.


28.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Paul Pena and Kongarol Ondar relaxing and playing Tuvan Blues in the desert of southern Tuva.


30.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Paul Pena and Kongarol Ondar jammin' together on the shores of the Hemchik River, where Kongarol Ondar was born.


33.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Aldyn-ool, champion Tuvan wrestler, doing the Eagle Dance (a victory dance) after defeating an opponent during a wrestling competition in the mountains of Tuva.


35.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Two Tuvan wrestlers engaged in battle with a referee/judge in the center. Spectators in the background. During a competition in the mountains of Tuva.


39.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Filmmakers, crew, Paul Pena, Kongarol Ondar, and Tuvan friends at the Center Of Asia Monument. Kyzyl, Tuva.


42.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Father and son tending to their herd of camel. Their yurt in the background. Somewhere in Tuva.


45.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Filmmakers Roko Belic (on the left), Adrian Belic (on the right) on location, Sayan Mountains in the background. Tuva.


48.jpg - Photograph by Adrian Belic.

Ceremonial sheep slaughter at a mountain cabin. Mali Sut Hol (Little Milk Lake), Tuva.


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